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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blooming got you Achooing.....(sniffle, sneeze)

As a major outdoorsy kind of Diva,who takes time to smell all the flowers in life and love on All the animals I meet, I must pay the small price of seasonal allergy symptoms. Sore throat, itchy eyes/ears,sneezing, sniffling and feeling....well, just plain YUCK!

Instead of reaching for a highly TOXIC- OTC anti-histamine, decongestant or steroidal drug,I use my primitive wisdom and research products from nature that I suspect our ancestors would have used to treat the same ailments. Before you begin any herbal therapy be sure to first nourish the body with healthy,nature intended foods, get plenty of rest, get your Vitamin D and forgive yourself for feeling bad. Its hard for us health concious peeps to admit that we might want to slow down a bit, huh?

Herbal Remedies for strengthening the immune response and alleviating allergy symptoms

CHAMOMMILE- Tea is used to reduce duration of hay fever attacks.

MA HUANG- Relieves congestion & bronchial spasms.

EUCALYPTUS- Used in steam inhalation to ease congestion.

EYEBRIGHT- Tincture or capsules reduce hay fever symptoms.

GINGER- Reduces inflammation, antimicrobial.

LICORICE ROOT- Reduces inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial.

NETTLE- Extract acts as an expectorant, reduces sinus inflammation.

ROOIBOS- Has antihistamine properties. A tea is sometimes helpful in relieving symptoms.

ST. JOHN'S WORT- Capsules are used to relieve sinus headache.

OIL OF OREGANO- Fights Infection and strengthens immunity

ECHINACEA- Strengthens the bodies immune response

So with this knowledge of Natures Apothecary, I slowed down a bit today and have consumed 4 cups of Rooibos tea with local honey (helps build resistance to seasonal allergies and offers antibacterial properties)I have consumed 3 freshly juiced Ginger drinks with drops of Oil of Oregano, Echinacea, Chamomile and Nettles. I have enjoyed a Eucalyptus steam this afternoon after spending about 20 minutes in the sun getting my daily dose of Vitamin D. As a compliment,I have also used my Neti Pot to flush my sinus cavity of any enviromental invaders(love my Neti Pot) I feel so much better! And my body is thanking me for the care I have given it and No toxins were needed.

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