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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have BUGS in my gut.....?

Thats what my clients typically respond when I explain the foundation of our digestive system and how our intestinal health relates to our overall health. I have worked with hundreds of clients through the years on therapies that detox and clean their digestive systems. Nutritional therapies that eradicate yeast/bacteria overgrowth, correct gut dysbiosis,heal leaky gut and help them eliminate common food allergens/sensitivities that may be further damaging their intestinal lining and compromising their health. The issues that are related to poor digestive health and yeast (Candida Albicans) overgrowth are numerous. Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Migraines, Joint Pain, Brain Fog, Weakened Immune System and Allergies- just to mention a few. Really, there are more, MANY more!

Both good and bad bacteria are present in our bodies at birth. Under normal conditions, your body has a wonderful innate ability to control the balance of the bacteria population- keeping the damaging yeast/bacteria to a minimum. However, due to the modern SAD diet (Standard American Diet)loaded with sugar and starches that convert easily to sugar, overuse of anti-biotics and stress, the beneficial bacteria are compromised and, the bad bacteria are prolific with the heavy carbohydrate nourishment.

When Candida becomes overpopulated in the body, things get out of control. The excessive Candida can result in a variety of physiological symptoms/conditions. Your immune system goes into overdrive producing antibodies to fight against the yeast cells, which are perceived as an intruder. With your immune systme busy protecting you from the Candida- it results in a weakened response to other pathogens and virus(s). This can also increase sensitivities to pollen, food, tobacco, smoke, perfumes and chemicals. Though yeast lives mostly in the mucosal lining of the mouth, sinus, stomach vaginal cavity and intestines, it can also affect joints and muscles in the form of aches, stiffness and debilitating pain (fibromyalgia) as well as, skin issues (i.e. rashes, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections).

Some doctors argue that nearly 80 percent of the American population may be affected by an overgrowth of Candida yeast (I thinks it is higher). As I mentioned before, much of this is caused by the overuse of prescription antibiotics and diets high in sugar and other carbohydrates. If the overgrown yeast is left untreated, it can become parasitic, developing rhizoids (plant-like roots) that penetrate and attach themselves to the inside of the intestinal wall- sounds pleasant, right?. These roots can dig deep enough to cause permeability in the intestinal tract and allow toxic material to flow into the blood. This condition is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome or LGS. When you have mal-digested proteins entering the body, there is cascade of responses that produce an opiate like effect---can you say Brain FOG!

Beneficial bacteria also attach themselves to the intestinal wall helping to repair and clean the mucosa rather than destroy it. Bad bacteria, good bacteria, and Candida yeast all fight for available attachment points along the intestinal wall. When enough beneficial bacterial strains or Pro-biotics are introduced, Candida is overtaken and healthy intestinal flora will colonize in their place. Probiotic originates from the Greek, meaning “for life,” and is medically referred to as a group of “friendly bacteria” or “microflora.” Trillions of bacteria and other microbes inhabit our digestive tract making it possible to digest food, absorb nutrients, and fight off infections and diseases. The human digestive tract carries over 400 distinct microorganisms. The number of microorganisms in the body far exceeds the number of tissue cells, making up nearly four pounds of body weight.

Antibiotic Exposure?

Even IF you have been diligent about avoiding anti-biotics for illness. Commercially raised animals for meat and dairy products are exposed to some 30 different antibiotics, all approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These antibiotics are as detrimental to good bacteria as they are to the bad. Current farming techniques indiscriminately remove bacteria in the soil from which our fruits and vegetables are grown. Giving antibiotics to the animals from which we get our dairy products is another negative in the balance of good vs. bad bacteria. Now more than ever there is a need to replenish the probiotics missing from our diets and know where your meat is sourced from. Visit for anti-biotic free meat resources or buy direct from my link to US Wellness Meats and have it shipped directly to your door.

Probiotic bacteria favorably alters the intestinal microflora balance, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, promotes good digestion, boosts immune function, and increases resistance to infection. People with flourishing intestinal colonies of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of disease-causing bacteria. There are many primitive means of obtaining beneficial bacteria through fermented foods-without eating the common probiotic food of yogurt. The Sauerkraut recipe that I shared last week is loaded with beneficial bacteria and enzymes. (Please note: I will be sharing several wild fermentation recipes in the Primitive Diva book.)

A standard therapeutic method for balancing this overgrowth ( beyond just adding the beneficial probiotics to the diet) promotes a dietary change. One that eliminates ALL grains, dairy and sugars and returning to a diet that is identical to our hunter/gatherer Primitive ancestors. So, Primitive/Primal/Paleo Diva's and Dudes, It is a perfectly designed diet for great digestive health too! And its been here all along….the original diet for optimal health. So, lets continue to hunt and gather our way to a healthy lifestyle and keep the bugs in our gut in check!

If you need more information on Digestive Health programs for you or your family. Please contact me at I have all inclusive 30 days programs that offer support,recipes and meal plans.


  1. You cannot imagine how frustrated I get when people don't understand about the flora in their intestinal tract. I have a co-worker who is going through some serious health issues that are all intestinal related and have moved into GERD. I was just explaining to her last week, she needs to be on a good "live culture" probiotic. She claims she spoke to her doctor about it, but he doesn't want her to start a probiotic until all of her tests are completed. She said her liver enzymes are off so until that is corrected, no probiotics. Okay, if you already HAVE a gut problem, a probiotic is only going to HELP matters, not make them worse. Of course, this is the same co-worker that will eat McDonalds or Taco Bell for lunch, but she won't take a probiotic, because the doctor hasn't approved it, yet. :-(

  2. Hey, interesting website, as an avid explorer of different ways to eat I've been looking into lots of paleo website lately to get a better idea of what it's all about before I commit to a book. I'm a microbiology student, love the awareness about not supporting feeding livestock antibiotics-absolutely agree, also stop buying antimicrobial soap and check kids toys to make sure they don't contain "microban"!

    Little bit worried about "even IF you have been diligent about avoiding antibiotics for illnees"- leaving a microbial infection untreated, even for as little as five days, can be life threatening depending on what microbe you've contracted. No microbiologist or doctor will disagree with the fact that antibiotics wreck havoc on your natural flora, but when a microbe gets past your innate immune system, it is better to wipe everything out then risk your health!

    Anyways, nice website, thanks!