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Melissa is a former beauty queen, personal trainer and certified holistic health coach. Melissa founded Queen Bee Wellness to specialize her coaching practice towards Women's Wellness and Beauty. She helps women focus on finding their own natural beauty from a integrative approach of balancing Mind, Body and Soul. Melissa believes that what we put in our mind is just as important as the nourishing food we put in our bodies and products on our skin. She strives to coach women to balance a healthier body image, approach to wellness and authentic living. With her passion for a clean lifestyle, Queen Bee Wellness therapeutic skin care products were born- to help women enhance their natural glow, without causing harm to their health from chemical laden toxic products. Melissa's philosophy to real beauty is summarized in "Wellness is Beauty". Melissa resides on a 10 acre farm in Montgomery, Texas with her husband and teen aged children. In her spare time she is chief goat wrangler and milker of her "Queen Bee" herd of dairy goats at Three Goats Farm.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The MANY Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Enjoying the benefits of Dry Brushing and Infrared sauna

 I found this amazing little place, on the lake nearby, Planet Beach Contempo Spa. One of the services they offer is a 30 minute full detox therapy in a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna. Years ago, I had a sauna in my home and I had  some pretty incredible health benefits from using the sauna daily. The practice of using heat to heal and cure the body has been in place ,for several centuries, throughout the world and many cultures. Native Americans had sweat tents/lodges and Romans had their famous steam bathing, to mention a few.
I visited the Sunlighten site to do some research on the many benefits of infrared.  Here is a general list of benefits, that you should know. I have a sauna on my WISH list for the new house. In the meantime, I love that I can visit my newly discovered mini spa and enjoy a sauna whenever I like.


Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” home therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, an infrared sauna may be the ticket to achieving your wellness goals.

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal & stay healthy. Far infrared heats the body directly causing a rise in core temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside.
Weight Loss
Studies have shown that an infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax! As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.
Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared sauna therapy helps you relax while receiving an invigorating deep tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed after each session.  

Pain Relief
Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. Pain management professionals incorporate infrared heat therapy into treatment plans to decrease pain and muscle spasms and to speed up recovery time.   
Lower Blood Pressure
Infrared saunas induce a deep sweat to make the heart pump faster, which in turn increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and helps circulation. Scientific evidence shows that using an infrared sauna a couple times a week lowers blood pressure.  
Improved Circulation
Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to that seen during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use—especially in the mid IR range—can significantly stimulate blood flow up to twice the normal rate.
Anti-Aging & Skin Purification
The near infrared wavelength (sometimes referred to as Red Light Therapy) is the most effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Near infrared treatments stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone 
Wound Healing
Scientific research has concluded that near infrared therapy greatly enhances the skin’s healing process by promoting faster cell regeneration and human tissue growth. Human cell growth increases to repair wounds and prevent infection
Cell Health
Near infrared therapy stimulates the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system
So, if you have interest in trying out a sauna for yourself, check into visiting your LOCAL Planet Beach Contempo Spa. Tell them Melissa Humphries- THE Primitive Diva referred you! Hee Hee, maybe I might get a free Sauna or two.


Monday, November 18, 2013

A little Monday morning RESTORE

Good morning.....felt a little run down last week (sore throat, aches....) My awesome hubby left the country for a 3 week business trip and, well-- its a bit stressful managing all the people and critters around here single handedly. But, whatever it was, I knocked it out with a powerful blend of my favorite Mountain Rose herbal teas, adaptogenic herbs, Genesis specialized nutrients and minerals, DoTerra essential oils and REST!

So, I took it easy over the weekend with lots of reading, long walks,sunshine and some nourishing foods.

Thought today would be a great day for a "mini" RESTORE.  I started my day with a balance of immune builders and cleansing elixirs, while I enjoyed some quiet time and a much needed phone call from my best friend (my hubby). Ahhhh......such a great welcome to a Monday!  I will update my post through the day. But, know that I am busy in the kitchen preparing bone broth, kefir, green juices and raw soups to infuse and build my body with PURE goodness! 

I have a half gallon of raw goat kefir to enjoy today. It will flood my body with enzymes, protein and beneficial bacteria! 

Here is my strawberry kefir, sooo delicious.

I have a pot of bone broth on the stove (24 hours and counting) today's is Two Roosters soup. It is loaded with veggies and every herb in my garden( it smells divine) and yes, two roosters that were misbehaving (sorry, it's a fact of life-- overly "amorous" roosters can mame or kill your chickens. So, warned, haha!)

And off to blend up a beautiful green smoothies to enjoy at lunch,with a boost of PURE Greens and Fresh Pomegranate (a fall favorite!)

How are you loving yourself today?