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Melissa is a former beauty queen, personal trainer and certified holistic health coach. Melissa founded Queen Bee Wellness to specialize her coaching practice towards Women's Wellness and Beauty. She helps women focus on finding their own natural beauty from a integrative approach of balancing Mind, Body and Soul. Melissa believes that what we put in our mind is just as important as the nourishing food we put in our bodies and products on our skin. She strives to coach women to balance a healthier body image, approach to wellness and authentic living. With her passion for a clean lifestyle, Queen Bee Wellness therapeutic skin care products were born- to help women enhance their natural glow, without causing harm to their health from chemical laden toxic products. Melissa's philosophy to real beauty is summarized in "Wellness is Beauty". Melissa resides on a 10 acre farm in Montgomery, Texas with her husband and teen aged children. In her spare time she is chief goat wrangler and milker of her "Queen Bee" herd of dairy goats at Three Goats Farm.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Primitive Diva's Beauty Secrets

During the 2011 Weston A Price conference chapter leaders meeting, I received a jar of Green Pasture's Beauty Balm. I know the thought of putting fermented cod liver oil and butter on your face sounds ummmm....interesting. But, please do not let that turn you away from this little jewel. I let my husband use some on vacation- and my jar quickly emptied.I ordered another jar in December and quickly realized that it was a headliner in my beauty line up. Most of you know that I LOVE my coconut oil but, this has been great in the winter months as it actually offers a bit more protection on lips, under eyes and hands in the wind and cold.
The ingredients are PURE and Primitive :
Ingredients: Shea Butter, X-FACTOR Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil, Blue Breeze Organic Coconut Oil, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Cranberry Oil, Organic Orange Oil, Lavender Oil
I also love the welcome statement on Green Pastures' home page:
Welcome to Green Pasture Products

We are a family owned business started by Dave and Barb Wetzel in 2000. Our business focus is to provide high-quality sacred-food oils just as they were made prior to the industrialized food and farming revolution.

High-Vitamin Butter Oil is our foundation product that all our work has blossomed through. Dr. Weston Price discovered High-Vitamin Butter Oil back in the 1930's but the pinnacle of his discovery was when he combined Cod Liver Oil with High-Vitamin Butter Oil.
Today we produce the High-Vitamin Butter Oil, and we ferment the historically sacred cod and skate liver oils. Fermenting the livers of fish to extract the oil is an old world practice that may go back as far as biblical times. During the 1850s was the beginning of the industrial food revolution and the first time cod liver oil manufacturing changed from it's historical sacred roots to an industrialized food.
We've turned back the clock and restored these sacred foods to their roots. We Are proud to offer these historical sacred foods prepared with the same great care and concern for our generational health just as our ancestors.
Dr. Price traveled the world studying the traditional diets of many cultures. In every culture he discovered sacred foods that were carefully collected and prepared to ensure the strong mind, body, and spirit of its people.

Happy Monday......!

I am headed off to my REAL Farm Chicks of Montgomery County Bootcamp this morning. I have a lot to share this week and will be announcing the NOURISH cleanse. How are you embracing your WILD Primitive Diva self today?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unleashing your inner WILD....!

Yiiippppeeeee, I got my birthday present in the mail. It was a book I have been swooning over for a year or so. Mary Jane Butters' latest " Outpost~ Unleashing your inner WILD! "
Is this a PERFECT book for me or what......Now wait for some exciting stories from my Glamping in the woods  expeditions or a few adventures of "DIVA only" road trips! I can't wait to make a pot of tea, light a candle and fall dreamily into this book. So what does it mean to you to unleash your inner wild?

I think this term means something different for each person. But, I recently stumbled upon an amazing little blog from Camille Giglio at Woman Rewilding She is the wife of REAL Foodie Chef Franky G of Franks Finest. I have follwed this beautiful lady for sometime now and she has a passion and gift for empowering women back to nature and rewilding themselves. She had this to say: "Some people probably hear the word “rewilding” and think of people taking their clothesoff, taking a walk through the woods, and holding a bow with arrows. I like to think of the ReWilding Journey to be one step at a time. We can all do our best with whatever we have." I think to make realistic changes we need to follow her advice of one small step at a time. My first step in my own journey was to look at food differently. From there it became my environment, home and lifestyle.

So what does Living Wild mean....?

Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes it wonderfully in herbook Women Who Run With the Wolves.

“So, the word wild here is not used in its modern pejorative sense, meaning out of control, but in its original sense, which means to live a natural life,one in which the criatura, creature, has innate integrity and healthyboundaries. These words, wild and woman, cause women to remember who they areand what they are about. They create a metaphor to describe the force whichfunds all females. They personify a force that women cannot live without.”

- Women Who Run With the Wolves (by Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

What steps have you taken to bring a little wild back into your life......?

Nutritional Balance

It was my birthday yesterday and the family took me out for a birthday dinner, to celebrate. Yes, we chose mexican. It is, after all, MY favorite! I ordered beef fajita nachos with extra peppers and limes. Lots of creamy avocado, pico de gallo and sour cream and (duh, duh...duh!)CORN! I usually try to bring my own raw flax crackers for dining out BUT, I was not prepared. So, I gave myself permission to ENJOY my craving.

I loved the flavors of my meal....but, hated the CORN belly bloat that came with it. Woke up this morning feeling quite toxic. There is only ONE way to undo an indulgence like that. A loaded GREEN smoothie. Its the whole yin/yang balance- right? And all the greens will help my body detox any additives that may have been lingering in my meal.

So, I loaded up my beloved VitaMix with spinach, arugula, cilantro, avocado, chia, hemp,flax,bee pollen, tumeric, ginger, blueberries, starwberries, goji, banana, raw honey and raw kefir! It has totally rehydrated and alkalized my body.

When you celebrate or indulge how do you balance out your nutrition..........................................?

Friday, January 11, 2013

TGIF....and other sentiments!

Thank Goodness Its Friday......! I have 4 blog posts that I started and have not finished uploading. I have all day volleyball tournaments tomorrow with my 5'10- 15 year old Glamazon Primitive Princess! And...even though I really need to catch up on work this afternoon, my son asked me to come and have lunch with him at school today. Ya'll he is 12 --sooooo.....that doesn't happen much anymore,sadly!

So, I am rushing to check in between bootcamp, a shower and a couple of MUST do emails. Then off to have lunch with that little man who makes my heart swoon~  I will leave you with some farm chick wisdom!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chicken Foot Bone Broth

Will be back later to share my recipe and post of health and beauty benefits for this nourishing bone broth. Just wanted to upload the pics from my phone first. Don't they look like Dr.Seuss hands-haha!

Okay its later....and I came back to edit the post with my easy recipe below. ENJOY! read that correctly--chicken FEET!  They are NOT just for crossing to the other side of the road. I have recently discovered the blessing and benefit of using chicken feet in my bone broths.I did not include feet in the first recipe that I shared on the benefits of bone broths, because I thought you would be a little..."whah..?"! They do look very wierd when they are still raw  with their littel fingernails. They do resemble the hands of several Dr.Seuss characters. But they are not for looking at. They are for NOURISHING the body!

Adding chicken feet increases the gelatin content in the broth, making it a more nutritious drink or soup. The collagen from the feet is so important for beautiful skin, connective tissue and bone!

So here is the recipe for bone broth using chicken feet
1 chicken carcass or small whole organic chicken
1 pile of chicken feet – you don’t have to count or weigh just use what you have on hand. OK – 10 feet!
Vegetables – remember they don’t have to be pretty just throw them in!(My favorite is to add loads of tomatoes,carrots, garlic, onion, and EVERY herb in my garden. You can add kale and greens too for a more mineral rich broth)
4-6 Tablespoons of raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Place the chicken and vegetables in the pot.
Next take each chicken leg and chop the toenails off. Yes you heard that right they must have a pedicure! I must admit it was a little unnerving to chop off the nails, it is not my favorite thing to do, but I love the end result.
Rinse the legs and add them into the pot (minus the toenails)
Add 4-6 Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar
Add water to 2-3 inches above all of the pieces.
Simmer covered for 24-36 hours.
Strain once through a colander and reserve the meat. Strain again through a fine mesh strainer.
What you will notice about this broth is that it will thicken because of the gelatin and it will be rich in flavor!
Enjoy 4-6 ounces as a health drink every day.
Freeze all unused broth by the 4th day.

I will be sharing more benefits of the miracle super food in the upcoming book. Until then "eat your feet" for beauty!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 club starting soon!

Go to the tabs above and click on Book Club for more information.

Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips

Need a replacement for chips and soda for your family....? Serve with an ice cold fizzy kombucha soda and you will have a hit!


Start with 2 large bunches/bags of Curly Kale or Tuscan Kale.Kale should be chopped or torn into no larger than 3" pcs (I also prefer to remove center rib/stem) If you dont have kale in your garden yet (mine is too small still) then you can purchase loose or bagged organic kale(like the Trader Joes brand), 4-6 Roma Tomatoes, 4-6 Garlic Cloves, juice of 2 limes, 1/2 cup Braggs Nutritional Yeast, 1 Tbsp Sea Salt, 1/4 cup cold pressed olive oil, 2 tsp Cumin, 1/2 tsp cayenne, 2 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp onion powder. Place all ingredients, except kale, in your vitamix or blender and blend until all mixed.

Now pour mixture over kale and mix well by hand until all peices are well coated. Place loosely onto dehydrator screen (or you can also use oven setting on LOW at 180-200, with oven door cracked) and dehydrate (sun bake)at 105-110 degrees, until crispy! You can play around with the ingredients and acheieve different flavors in the coating. IF you would like a thicker richer cheesy flavor add soaked raw cashews to you coating mixture.
These are addicting and trust me no one can eat just one........ ~ Enjoy!

Sourdough Buckwheat Pancakes

Hubby woke the family up early this morning with homemade pancakes, organic maple syrup and grass fed butter. What a treat on this cold and rainy morning. I don't typically eat pancakes--they are not healthy, right? Well,lets discuss this controversial grain issue again.

If you know me at all, or have followed me/Primitive Diva on Facebook, you know I have stayed on the "grain free" bandwagon for several years. Especially during my strict Paleo love affair. The more research I continue to do about our primitive, traditional and ancestral diets--the more confidence I have found in serving "specialty" bread/grains to my family. However, that being said, any grains that I suggest MUST have been properly prepared by sprouting, germinating and sour leavening with wild yeast. Contrary to the popular media warnings of ALL grains....there are actually many fabulous benefits of sprouted grains, IF we follow similar  methods to that of our ancestors. Who would harvest ancient grain(s) and leave in the fields to germinate (sprout) before threshing and storing it. Bread was not made with commercial yeast- there was on a starter culture used that was carefully made using time honred traditional techniques. I must also clarify that this does not mean buying modern/commercially grown wheat flour off the shelves--that is toxic, hybridized, GMO'd and chemically sprayed and should be avoided.

Sprouting and germinating and then milling was always too time consuming for my schedule. So for several years, I have only indulged in homemade sour dough bread ,when the RARE opportunity arose. I noticed that I did not experience the bloating, joint pain and fatigue as if I had consumed a commercially prepared bread. This led me to research further how to prepare bread and baked goods for my family using the original organic ancestral grains along with traditional culturing (sour leavening). I still believe that the quantity of  grain consumption in our typical SAD (Standard American Diet) is out of control. In more PRIMITIVE cultures, this would have been a compliment to our nourishment not our focus. As I always say "its QUALITY not Quantity" I have located an amazing artisanal sprouted flour company called To Your Health Sprouted Flour. Here are a a few benefits they have shared about sprouted grains.

The Benefits of Sprouted Flour:
  • Easier to Digest – Sprouting breaks down the starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them like a vegetable (like a tomato, not a potato).
  • Increased Vitamin C – Sprouting produces vitamin C.
  • Increased Vitamin B – Sprouting increases the vitamin B content (B2, B5, and B6).
  • Increased Carotene – Sprouting increases the carotene up to eight times.
  • Increased Enzymes are actually produced during sprouting.
  • Reduction of Anti-nutrients – Sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which is a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.
Until the 20th century, grain naturally sprouted in the field before it was milled into flour. The invention of the combine harvester during the Industrial Revolution changed everything. Grain could be harvested in the field and then moved to storage bins. The time-honored practice of sprouting was cast aside for modern processing.
Unfortunately, nutrition was also cast aside. When whole grains are not allowed to ferment or sprout, they don’t contain the nutrients that sprouted whole grains do. And they retain the naturally occurring antinutrients, even when milled into flour.
To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. has returned to the traditional practice of sprouting grains in order to render them more nutritious and digestible. However, we don’t leave our grains out in the field to sprout. We nurture the grains in our facility, allow them to sprout, then dry them at a very low temperature, to maintain precious vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Here is what Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions) had to say on the matter:
The process of germination not only produces Vitamin C, but also changes the composition of grains and seeds in numerous beneficial ways. Sprouting increases Vitamin B content, especially B2, B5, and B6. Carotene increases dramatically – sometimes eightfold. Even more important, sprouting neutralizes phytic acid, a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc; sprouting also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors present in all seeds. These inhibitors can neutralize our own precious enzymes in the digestive tract.
A portion of the starch in grain is transformed into sugar. Sprouting inactivates aflatoxins, potent carcinogens found in grains. Finally, numerous enzymes that help digestion are produced during the germination process.”
Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation (page 112 of Nourishing Traditions)

Please hop on over to "whats cookin with the Diva" tab above for Hubby's awesome recipe. Oh and also check back next week. I am making sprouted blue corn tamales with pastured pork and home grown green chile sauce~ ENJOY!

In Health and Happiness~
The Primitive Diva

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

Just wanted to share a recipe from my upcoming's a spin on my original Sunrise Elixir. This little beauty is called Good Morning Sunshine. It's an elixir that offers powerful benefits from the medicinal therapies of the ancient spices cinnamon, tumeric, ginger, maca and cayenne along with a boost of raw honey and apple cider vinegar. This crafty elixir should be consumed in the morning upon waking. It will help alkalize the body, cleanse liver congestion, increase circulation,reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar,balance hormones,offers protection from free radical damage and well, I could go on forever. But, most important are its immediate boosts of energy,clarity and you can wake up and enjoy your day to its fullest!

6 ounces pure filtered or fresh spring water
1 tbsp of greens powder (visit my amazon store and look in my Primitive Kitchen for my preferred product)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger (preferably freshly grated)
1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp maca
1/4 tsp cayenne
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp honey or stevia if desired

Place all ingredients into a mason jar, secure lid and shake to mix. Drink immediately before spices settle. I like to serve mine with a wedge of citrus to enjoy after drinking- helps get the green grit out of your teeth( that's not very diva'ish to walk around with green stuff in your teeth)

Please share with me how much you enjoy this new recipe.....!

In Health and Happiness,
The Primitive Diva

Feel Good

It is a rainy morning and I needed some "feel good" to get my day started. Do you know the Turkish word for feel good....? It's Kefir!

I make my kefir with raw goats milk and I love it. This morning I added raw local honey, goji and blueberries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for a little extra nourishment.

Kefir is a very primitive, cultured and microbial-rich food that helps restore the bodies inner ecology. It contains many strains of beneficial bacterium and yeast (in a symbiotic realtionship) that gives kefir antibiotic properties. A natural antibiotic---and its made from milk! The finished product is not unlike that of a drink style yogurt, but kefir has a more tart, refreshing flavor and contains completely different microorganisms. Kefir does not feed yeast in the body, and is usually well tolerated by people with lactose sensitivities. Thats because the friendly bacteria along with the beneficial yeast growing in the kefir, actually consume most of the lactose and provide abundant enzymes (lactase) for consuming whatever lactose is remaining after the culturing process. Kefir is mucus forming, but.....the slightly mucus forming quality is exactly what makes kefir provide so many benefits. The mucus has a "clean" quality to it that actually coats the digestive tract, creating a sort of nest where beneficial bacteria can settle and colonize.You need this bacteria for strong digestion and immunity.
Kefir is made from gelatinous white or yellow particles called "grains". These grains contain the bacteria and yeast mixture clumpred together with casein (milk protein) and polysaccharides (complex sugars). They look like pieces of coral or small clumps of cauliflower. Once the grains ferment the milk, by incorporating their friendly organisms into the final product, you strain the grains and drink. The grains are then added to a new batch of milk, and the process lives on. It it offers a gift of health and a delicous and nourishing treat. Please contact me if you need help sourcing your own kefir grains.
In Health and Happiness,
The Primitive Diva

Monday, January 7, 2013

Beets are the BOMB

Sorry, my 15 year old daughter asked that I not ever use that word again. Because apparently it's NOT cool. But I feel quite certain that she is not reading my blog-So, bomb diggity!

Anyway, Beets have amazing health benefits. In many holistic, integrative, and eastern traditions, beets are believed to be an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier. Beets get their RED color from a compound called betacyanin which is a potent cancer fighter. They help replenish iron in the body along with reducing potentially toxic levels of heart damaging homocysteine in the blood. Beets are loaded with potassium, a vitally important mineral for heart health.Beets do make a wonderful ingredient for juicing but they are quite delicious roasted as well. Here is a spin on a beet salad.

Maple glazed Roasted Beet Salad with local Texas Pecans (puhcans')and raw goat cheese.

Drizzle olive oil and maple syrup on chopped beets. Place into 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, toss and return for 15 minutes. Then broil for 2-3 minutes on high to Carmelize the glaze. Serve on a bed of arugula and top with goat cheese and pecans. Serve and enjoy!

Turmeric Toddy

Brrrrr......Baby it's cold outside!

It was 28 degrees this morning when I went to feed my goat girls! Well, that may not seem cold to my friends in northern states or Canada. But, for this Texas farm chick, it is chilling to the bone. None the less , I had committed to Monday Bootcamp so....I bundled up and headed to meet a few friends for our outdoor workout,in town. When I returned home with frozen toes (my injiji socks for my five fingers are buried deep in a box in storage, I presume)and fingers that could barely move, I whipped up a Tumeric Toddy.It warmed me right up! It's loaded with nourishment, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It increases circulation and is so comforting. So, if you are looking for a pick me up that will warm you up is a recipe that is sure to deliver.

6-8 ounces milk (almond, coconut, raw cow or goat milk-your preference)

1 tsp of Tumeric
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/2 tsp of ginger
1/2 tsp of cardamom
1/4 tsp of cayenne
1 Tbsp of grass fed butter (like kerrygold) or coconut oil.
1 tsp raw local honey ( you may substitute stevia or not use any at all)

You may use a Vitamix to blend and warm your toddy or heat slowly on a stove top. Pour into mug and sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon.

The Primitive Diva

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kombucha Soda

Just had to tell you about this new Kombucha Tea being created in Austin, Texas~This stuff is AMAZING! The cola actually taste like a coke...(yes, I remember what those taste like) Visit

What's Cookin tonight......!

Local organic sweet potatoes, raw herbed goat cheese with a balsamic reduction glaze. They were little bites of heaven!

Getting Settled

Where am I…..? Who am I?

These are question’s, I have been pondering for several months now. Yes, we made it to the farm in June. Well….at least part of the way. We were not able to sell our home in the burbs until Thanksgiving ,so we have been renting a “barndominium” from our neighbors, who own the property next door to our future Three Goat Farm. It has been a chaotic  whirl wind of trying to get kiddo’s settled in at new schools, meeting new friends and neighbors, adjusting  to a new town and putting down roots in our new surroundings.We grew our one goat herd to three. It has been tough with most of our belongings in storage, not having my healthy food stores (um….yah- only have Brookshires and Walmart here in Montgomery), moving away from my favorite parks, lakes and running trails. I have neglected the blog, my friends and my path and passions for the past 6 months.  I even took this time of uncertaintity to start my “embrace the gray” project of my aging gracefully chapter of the book (more…MUCH more on that later next week). I really struggled with what my NEW life was supposed to be. Even professionally, being 1-2 hours from Houston brought my nutrition business to a screeching halt. I have actually learned a lot about myself—in that I am NOT someone who adapts well to change. It really rocked my foundation. Even though the goal and outcome is living THE life of my dreams.

In November, with my new…..well, lets call them “curves”,I started leading a small group of ladies, in a outdoor bootcamp ("The REAL Farm chicks of Montgomery"), at a local park. It has helped bring that fitness and fellowship component back into my life- that I had so desperately missed. I have also been quite lost nutritionally and found myself diving head first into my pioneer woman cookbook along with getting a bit too reliant on my local grocer. I mean heck, I am living in the country- surely I can have a biscuit or 3. For those of you who stay away from commercially prepared grains also, you can only imagine how toxic I feel with the inflammation/joint pain raging.So, I have dusted the unsprouted crumbs off my face  and am putting forth more effort towards ONLY  feeding myself and my family from LOCALLY sourced foods and trying to plan more future self sustainability on our farm. I dream of the day that we will NOT have a need to visit a supermarket  to obtain any nourishment (except maybe Coffee, Avocado’s and Chocolate-haha! Those are a requirement) We have fruit trees ready to be planted in the spring. We are designing movable chicken coops to be built this winter and we are about to breed our first goat that I was blessed with last Christmas (“Bella”).I can't wait to have my own milk for my new passion for cheesemaking. As soon as we have our water well, I will transfer my small garden onto our farm next door(hopefully it becomes a large garden with a bounty to share!) Oh….and did I mention we have our first bee hive!  So, everything on our horizon is looking bright. We have had our first meeting with the builder, to review our new house plans and discuss financing and construction schedules. Such a big step……this is our dream coming true.

In the next few months, I am finalizing THE book (I know, I know.....! And yes it is the same one I started over 1 year ago!) final phase of rewrites and editing.  I will be taking a hiatus from working with individual clients and just teaching local workshops and filming a few video’s. This is the perfect time. Because by Spring, I will be putting on my overalls (Yes, I got a pair of Carharts for Christmas) and really sinking my boots into my “farm-girl-hood” identity. Sorry for the delay……I hope I have found my answer to who I am now. If I get lost again, will someone come look for me…or at least make a goat noise (I will come runnin)Please (wink)!

The Primitive Diva