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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Salsa

I have had several requests this week for my Salsa recipe. We are officially in Tomato season in Texas and loving our local bounty but needing to get creative with preserving these beauties. So today I am sharing my recipe for the BEST salsa ever (If I do say so myself). Later in the week, we will share a fermented ketchup recipe that my hubby is working on.

 Fermented Summer Salsa

(Makes 1 qt)
6-8  Fresh tomatoes
2- 3 green onions, chopped
1 large size chopped jalapeno(seeded)
6-8 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped or pressed
1 bunch cilantro
juice of 1-2 limes
2 T. sea salt
1/4 c. filtered water with tsp of salt (This is the brine)

Pulse in food processor until it reaches a consistency that you enjoy. Some prefer a "chunkier" salsa. Place in a quart-sized, wide-mouth mason jar. Press down lightly until the juices rise up; if there is not enough liquid to cover the vegetables then add a little brine water. The top of the vegetables/liquid should be about an inch below the top of the jar. Cover with a loose jar lid OR a towel, place jar in a bowl to catch any expansion overflow and keep at room temperature in a dark and undisturbed area for about 5 days before sealing and transferring to the fridge.
A note about timing: that “5 days” is a very subjective figure. It depends on a number of factors.  The temperature of your kitchen is also a factor. I like the flavor that develops at 5 days BUT have gone several weeks before.

 How do you know when it’s done? Taste it every single day. Twice a day if it’s really warm in your kitchen. Open it up, press the vegetables down, and give them a taste. When it tastes really good (slightly effervescent) it’s done. As you can see, there is pretty much no way to get this wrong.
If you use the no whey-extra salt method, like I do, you’ll know it’s done when it starts to taste less salty.

 I don’t know that I’d let this one go TOO long… probably better slightly fermented than sour-kraut-level fermented.

NOTE: We had a recent batch of salsa that we let ferment until it was practically explosive. It had fermented for 2 weeks in Texas summer (78-80 degrees in my kitchen at times). Anyway, it tasted good, but it is very bubbly.  Almost like a champagne salsa which is a very refreshing flavor. If you personally want to avoid this, transfer to your fridge before the “exploding with bubbles” stage. There’s a lot of variation in this process, and with practice you get better and better at it. Give yourself the permission to experiment and fail, and you can’t go wrong.

There are MANY variations with salsa.....experiment with a few of your favorites. Add a variety of fresh peppers, fruits, carrots, etc... My favorite Salsa Verde would substitute the tomatoes with tomatillos and an addition of cucumber. VERY refreshing and light!