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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sourdough Bread

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By now you know that I am a HUGE fan of traditionally Fermented Foods. I preach about their amazing health benefits, including the beneficial bacteria to balance your intestinal flora and easier digestion. Lactic acid and fermentation, not only helps to preserve food but also increases the nutrients available for our bodies.

For a long time, I have been pretty staunch advocate of the "anti-grain campaign". I still AVOID all processed grain(s). I will only use heirloom, organic and hand milled grains for any recipes that I make just as our primitive ancestors would have done traditionally. Please note, that if you are diagnosed with Celiac, you should consult with a doctor before experimenting with any gluten containing food. When you study historical statistics of the gluten intolerance population explosion,over the past 25-30 years, you will see a correlation to modern grain growers agricultural practices, chemicals used, genetic modifications and poor preparation techniques used to manufacture most grain baking flours and commercial baked goods. I have experimented with true sourdough, in moderation through the years and, I have never experienced any negative side effects---as I did with the modern breads I gave up a gazillion years ago. I enjoy this ancient and primitive food on a regular basis now. I encourage you to get back in the kitchen and bake using the starter culture from Cultures For Health. Your family will LOVE you for it!

Click here for an instructional video of "How to Make Sourdough Bread"

We’re told daily via advertisements, media and health professionals of the probiotic health benefits of Yogurt. This fermented dairy product is popular in the United States, while so many other fermented foods just haven’t caught on. Because of that, if you’re a standard American eater, your taste buds may take some time to adjust to the tang of sourdough. It is just that tang, however, that gives sourdough grain preparation all its nutritional might. Sourdough bread preparation improves nutrition by:
  • pre-digesting starches, making the bread more easily digestible
  • lowering insulin response/improving glucose tolerance
  • protecting Vitamin B1 from the damage of the heat of baking
  • breaking down gluten, which may result in a bread that gluten-sensitive people can eat
  • activating phytase to hydrolyze (dissolve) the phytates, thus freeing up minerals and making them more bio available..... such as:
    • zinc
    • iron
    • magnesium
    • copper
    • phosphorus
Why Sourdough?
Because sourdough leavening works much slower than commercial yeast, the bread dough ends up sitting around longer. The lactic acid creates an ideal pH for phytase activity, which decreases phytates by 62% (compared to 38% in yeast breads). I am convinced that sourdough is THE most nutritious way to prepare grains.

Sourdough rye is the most nutritious of them all, because it has more phytase activity and thus even fewer phytates in the finished product to bind to your minerals. I just love that the traditional phrase “sourdough rye” turns out to be scientifically proven as the healthiest bread. Somehow our ancestors figured out all the good stuff without the benefit of labs!

This week, I am making Kefir Sourdough Buns for Grass Fed Beef Sliders.......I will let you know how it turns out. So, please experiment with the many recipes that are available for sourdough and let us know....share your photo's and experience.

In Health and Happiness,

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fermenting with the DIVA

I have shared the MANY benefits of Kombucha in the past but had not shared my personal HOMEBREW recipe on the blog. I wanted to make this part of my upcoming video series for PDTV....However, the schedule of my video editing "expert" has shifted a bit in her new professional endeavors and we are putting that project on hold until school is out for SUMMER.....! In the meantime, with special request- I wanted to share my recipe for the magical elixir known as KOMBUCHA!

10 quarts of filtered water (chlorine will kill the SCOBY)
12 quart sized black tea bags (I use Red Diamond)
3 cups white sugar
*This will make 2 1/2 gallons
Glass Container or Fermentation Crock
Muslin Cloth or Thin Towel (Cover)
Rubber Band (Large) to secure cover
1 SCOBY w/1-2 cups of starter Kombucha

Brew tea bags for a minimum of 10 minutes to insure you have released adequate tannins. While tea is hot, dissolve sugar. After brewing and mixing, allow to cool down to 80 degrees farenheit. Transfer to fermentation container and add your SCOBY with starter Kombucha. Gently place SCOBY on top surface. Cover your container with cloth and secure with rubber band. Move to warm spot in kitchen with adequate ventilation but NO direct sunlight. After 7 days, you may ladle a test serving into a glass, it should be slightly fizzy and sweet. If it is too sweet, let it go a few more days. SCOBY should be at least 1/4 inch thick. When it has become tangy and not too sweet (sugars are being consumed), bottle into grolsch style bottles with rubber seal (available online or in home brew stores around the US). Leave the newly bottled tea in a warm area with no direct sunlight for 3-5 days NOTE: This is when you would add special flavors also BUT, I suggest making several batches unflavored until you get the base flavor established. Now you can refrigerate and enjoy. If you are not chilling your bottles, you may need to "burp" them every few days to avoid building up too march carbonation. You now will have the "mother" SCOBY and a baby "SCOBY" for two batches, or to share with a friend or compost.

If you have any questions....please do not hesitate to ask away (below) I want you all to enjoy this awesome drink as much as I do....NOW for the secret recipe for my famous~ Lavender/Hibiscus Kombucha- well, that one is TOP SECRET, haha! Go on....create your own wild and exciting flavor combinations and share your photo's and ideas with us Diva's. Make it a GREAT one Ya'll!

* EZ  bottles that are shown above can be purchased from my Amazon Store link.

*If you do not have any Kombucha brewing friends to share a SCOBY with you. Please visit my Cultures for Health link on the right hand side of the page. They can ship a SCOBY straight to your door.