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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey Good Lookin....Whatcha Got Cookin?

Several years ago, when I announced with great disgust of our food supply, that is becoming a global science experiment, that ”I will NOT shop in a grocery store….WE will ONLY eat REAL food- Not FRANKENFOODs”! I developed a kind of meal planning template. Now, mind you, I still have not found a way to completely avoid the “Toxic Box” (aka; corporate grocer), but it is down to a minimum few items that I need on a weekly basis. Yes, there will be, a Primitive Diva documentary someday (AFTER the move to our farm) on how I avoided any/all reliance of the “Toxic Box” for food for at least 30 days. Obviously, I want to stay as Primitive as I can, but let’s face the brutal reality. Especially if you have children, planning and preparing meals can be absolute chaos and stress. Did you know the average household in this country, determines their evening meal TWENTY minutes before eating. I wanted to type a huge shocking—Yikes!….and show a GASP! But, that would make me pretty hypocritical. I am a busy momma trying to nourish 3 busy kids, 3 dogs and a bottle fed goat, run a business, volunteer on several boards and organizations, and LAUNDRY! Sorry, I had to emphasize that last task…as it is my own personal Hell…(haha)SERIOUSLY!

Most of my friends, family, and clients say that they are gaining more knowledge everyday about real food (more than likely, because I do not ever put my soap box away). But, they cannot connect the dots, and they struggle to put it into use. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, huh? Or, they feel overwhelmed when staring at recipes that have a long list of ingredients or steps. To use a few quotes here…”STOP the INSANITY” and “KEEP it SIMPLE”. There is a time and place to be creative, entertain and dig into the world of haute cuisine. Not Monday-Friday while trying to NOURISH your family.

The most crucial step to making your meal planning stress free, is sourcing your REAL food. I know it seems like a daunting task to hunt down all the local farms to buy your pastured or grass fed meats, wild caught fish, eggs, raw milk and local/seasonal produce. But seriously….who has not put that much effort into shopping for the “right” pair of shoes? Most of the work has been done for you. There are great resources on websites such as Eat Wild and Sustainable Table and of course The Eat Well Guide. I also suggest you join your local chapter of Weston A Price Foundation. As a chapter leader in Houston, I have done research and personal visits to ALL my local farmers and offer a complete list of resources,demonstration schedules and even facilitate tours of the local farms and markets. And if you can’t visit the farm direct- Then even mail order is an option like Vital Choice Seafood and my favorite US Wellness Meats.

Here are my basic guidelines to prepare for NOURISHING your family:

• Have ample freezer space and a clean pantry/cabinet for buying in bulk and keeping organized.

• Determine family size and quantities that you would need for a month (or longer, once you get in your groove)

• Using a Chalkboard like the one above, Marker Board or Printed Template posted in the kitchen ( Keeps the family involved, too)

• Keep the Dinner plan on a weekly rotation – My personal schedule: Monday (BEEF), Tuesday(CHICKEN), Wednesday (Meatless/Leftovers/Light due to our families particular activity schedule),Thursday(PORK), Friday (FISH) Saturday (FREE Night of trying new recipes, dining out, entertaining), Sunday (Leftovers, Bone Broth/Soups/Stews). To these meals , I simply add a local/seasonable vegetable or two and a soaked grain (Rice, Millet, Amaranth, Quinoa) As a personal choice, I typically avoid most grains. But keep organic/soaked grains on hand for my kiddo’s. Each week I may choose variable varieities of spices/herbs/techniques on my meat/fish/poultry options—I also have an ongoing love affair with my Crockpot for BUSY days and my Cast Iron Dutch Oven for the most AMAZING one pot dishes ( I will have lots of the recipes in the book)

• Join a CSA or local farm delivery to always have a fresh choice that is guaranteed LOCAL.

• Keep a list available on the pantry or fridge door of Breakfast/Lunch items for the family to choose from. Example: BREAKFAST- Eggs, Oatmeal, Sprouted Grain or Gluten Free Toast w/Pastured Butter and Almond Butter, French Toast, Coconut Banana muffins/bread Applegate Sausage, Greek Yogurt w/Berries and Soaked Nuts or a RAW milk/cream/kefir GREEN smoothie. Keep the items REAL and NOURISHING.

• I have a LUNCH basket in the fridge for them to make their lunch daily. This can be filled one time per week with sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, boiled eggs, individual containers of fermented veggies, raw cheese, fruit leathers(homemade), kombucha sodas and even leftover(s) TIP:It is great to make 2 chickens on Tuesday evenings dinner plan to use leftover for a soup and chicken salad OR make extra  BEEF and PORK  on that particular night to use with Sprouted Grain/Gluten Free Wraps w/Greens/veggies/Raw Cheese that week!

• If you HAVE to shop in the “Toxic Box” make sure to read those labels. No more than 5 ingredients and do you know what those ingredients are? Did they come from a plant/animal?As Michael Pollan asks...would your great grandmother recognize it as food.

• So, keep it SIMPLE……Let your family have input…..and buy in bulk. You will not imagine how easy it is to ALWAYS know whats for dinner. So, Its Friday night- I have known for months that tonight is Fish (Wild Caught Salmon) , an organic local greens salad w/local goat cheese, and sweet potato wedges. In the warmer veggies and fish selection will change SEASONALLY- see how easy.

• Spend more time enjoying family and vibrant health when you are truly nourished. If you need any particular advice---PLEASE comment below and I will help you in anyway possible.


  1. Need recipe for Sprouted Grain/Gluten Free Wraps -- please!

  2. Will post the links and recipes when I am back at my computer on Monday. Doing spring cleaning and headed to the farm. Btw- the easiest and most nutritious is using a collard green as a wrap! Check back on Monday afternoon gorgeous!