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Melissa is a former beauty queen, personal trainer and certified holistic health coach. Melissa founded Queen Bee Wellness to specialize her coaching practice towards Women's Wellness and Beauty. She helps women focus on finding their own natural beauty from a integrative approach of balancing Mind, Body and Soul. Melissa believes that what we put in our mind is just as important as the nourishing food we put in our bodies and products on our skin. She strives to coach women to balance a healthier body image, approach to wellness and authentic living. With her passion for a clean lifestyle, Queen Bee Wellness therapeutic skin care products were born- to help women enhance their natural glow, without causing harm to their health from chemical laden toxic products. Melissa's philosophy to real beauty is summarized in "Wellness is Beauty". Melissa resides on a 10 acre farm in Montgomery, Texas with her husband and teen aged children. In her spare time she is chief goat wrangler and milker of her "Queen Bee" herd of dairy goats at Three Goats Farm.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nuno Felting

No, I am not writing about food, fitness or beauty today. But, I am sharing a bit of creative therapy that I had the opportunity to explore today.
I enjoyed a break in my schedule for a class on Nuno Felting....! It is truly a primitive art form, using natural fibers such as mohair, alpaca, silk, wool, etc... I hope you enjoy this brief history of Nuno and some pictures of the scarf I created today.

"Felted fabric is thought to predate woven or spun fabric. Among the oldest examples of felt are 3,500 -year-old hats found in Scandinavia..." It's not hard to imagine the use or almost necessity of felt in colder climates, but nuno felt was developed with just the opposite in mind. "When Polly Stirling codeveloped nuno felt with her assistant Sachiko Kotaka, her intention was to create a cooler, wearable felt for the warm climate of Australia, where she lives part-time." For me, that was a big draw too. Living in the humid subtropic of southeast Texas.

Nuno is Japanese for fabric or cloth." It's the word that became associated with this technique during the collaboration of Stirling and Kotaka. "Today they are widely credited with popularizing the technique, although northern Europeans developed a similar technique about a decade earlier. Their term 'laminated felting' is preferrred by some feltmakers, since Nuno is also the name of a textile design company in Japan."

"To create nuno felt, very small amounts of wool are layered on a pre-existing fabric, usually silk or cotton. During the felting process, the wool fibers migrate through the weave of the cloth and entangle, pulling the cloth along with them as they shrink. The result is a fully integrated and highly textural fabric..... Nuno...gathers in all directions rather than just one, making the fabric appear bubbled. ..... Nuno felting strips things down to the bare bones, making use of wool's alchemic power even when using so very few fibers. When we experience the total transformation of so few bits of wool on cloth, somehow the power of the process is more starkly revealed to us. ..... nuno felt is also very practical as a wearable fabric. It is incredibly lightweight and drapes the body beautifully. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also completely takes people off guard when they hear how it's created."

Here is a close up of the laying down or placement of my natural fibers onto my cotton muslin.

(Above is the scarf, before the felting process began) Wetting, soaping, rolling and was a workout over the course of this 3 hour class. But the scarf turned out beautifully and I am not sure whether to wear it OR hang it on my wall.

If you get a chance, research this technique.Its so beautiful. I plan to do a larger project for an art piece in my new home and maybe even a few scarves for Christmas gifts. I am hooked!

Friday, May 24, 2013

The HEAT is on.....!

Well....the AC has officially been turned off in Texas! The humidity is brutal. And this outdoor primitive lady is too diva to smell too natural.

Here is a recipe for a natural DIY deodorant that rocks!

Equal parts of:
Baking Soda
Arrowroot Powder
Sea Salt 
Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil (just a few drops)
Essential Oils (use adequate amounts of your favorite therapeutic grade brand- I use Tea Tree, Lemongrass, lavender)
*men may want to use a blend of YL Thieves or DT's OnGuard for an extra anti bacterial protection!

Once blended, you may store in a small jar in a cool area. It works great and it's no chemicals,metals, parabens or synthetic fragrances. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog about to get a FACELIFT.....!

Well it is time.....preparing to update LOOK and LOCATION of Primitive Diva! Stay tuned for lots of FUN news, products and announcements this summer. In the meantime, come and walk on the WILD side at our Facebook page Primitive Diva!