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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Super charged protein shake

With my history of personal training and being a former gym rat, I have consumed quite a bit of "protein powder meals" As my education, and consequently career,evolved into nutrition over the past 10 years-I became aware of how incredibly toxic these protein powders are and how damaging they can be in the body (in the form of isolates).

I have clients who will inevitably ask- which protein powder do I suggest. My answer is NONE! Pure, clean, WHOLE food and "Primitive" nutrition is ALWAYS best. 

Manufacturers advertise protein powders as a convenient way to get extra protein to boost fitness gains. These products are marketed to everyone from moms to body builders. But recent clinical research has raised some serious questions about the safety of getting extra protein in isolated form.

Most people get enough protein from their diets and an "over consumption" of protein that has been taken away from it's other nutritional counterparts can create imbalance  in the body. Consequently, stressing eliminatory organs (kidney, liver, etc...) There are many other side effects of consuming synthetic processed forms of protein. One of the more dangerous with long term issues is  an increased osteoporosis risk. Due to calcium leached from bones to offset the acidic PH due to over consumption with no other phytonutrients available in synergy to balance.

So, I wanted to take a moment to point out the obvious......a pretty common, moderately priced whey isolate protein supplement on the market has 32 ingredients (of which half are synthetic chemicals, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and milk isolates - like soy and whey. While it boasts 26 grams of protein, it's not really FOOD! 

Let's compare that 26 grams of protein to my GREEN smoothie this morning:

2 Cups Raw Goats Milk( you can substitute Almond or Coconut) -- 17grams
4 Cups Raw Organic Spinach --2 grams
1 TBSP Chia Seeds--3 grams
1/4 Cup Raw Sunflower Seeds--7 grams
1/4 Cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds--9 grams
1/4 Cup Raw Almonds--6 grams
1 Cup Raw Organic Blueberries--1.1 grams
1 Raw Frozen Banana--2.5 gram
So my grand total is 47.6 grams of protein that was delivered with all the synergistic nutrients, fats and enzymes that my body needs to assimilate and digest the protein. No sugars, synthetics or toxic ingredients! 

So, next time you want a "protein boost" or a meal replacement choose REAL food. Want to boost your smoothie further......add super foods like an egg yolk, turmeric, maca, kefir, etc...

Ready to blend.......

Green Magic........

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