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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What does not kill us makes us stronger....right?

The sun is shining again and the ice is melting. Seriously, between sick days and south Texas “snow” days- I have gotten nothing done. I wish I could say that I have been curled up with a good book or relaxing by the fire with my children, creating beautiful memories of making s’mores (gluten free of course) and playing games….actually, I am not sure what all this busy-ness has accomplished! But, there is always tomorrow, right?

So, tomorrow began today! We had committed to run the Bridgefest 5k, obviously when the weather was much warmer. There was great reluctance on my mind when the alarm went off this morning and I looked at the temperature on my phone….28degrees!!! So, as I walked down the stairs- (roll tape, please)--- “mind over matter”, “dig deep”, “what does not kill you makes you stronger” ! Am I forgetting one? I sleepily consumed a cup of coffee and then indulged in the extra pre run dose of concentrated fructose of a Ginger Snap Lara Bar. As I got dressed for the run, I contemplated my fuel choice on the fact that our primitive ancestors would have gathered a few nuts, berries and dates as they headed out for a hunt. Upstairs, I realize that I had not shaved my legs when I showered the night before….ugh! I am already going to draw attention to my “primitive” self wearing the Five Fingers and my Norwegian snow cap, braids and all ( a gift from Hubby’s last trip to Norway) and while the extra days growth of hair on my legs may have acted as an insulator, haha- The “Diva” self, would not be seen like this. So,I ran warm water in the sink (no time for another shower) and tried to shave my chill bump covered legs. Girls, you can imagine the results- OUCH! So, I was no longer the lady wearing the funny shoes at the race….I was the “what the heck is wrong with that ladies legs” at the race! Fortunately,the bone chilling cold weather helped the pain go away quickly- actually a full numbing effect of the entire body is good for almost all aches and pains,haha! So,the race was run- across the beatiful Lake Houston bridge and back, I did not come in first, I did not come in last and my turtle powered legs never stopped. In reflection, I am glad that I pushed through my reluctance- as, I met some wonderful new people, had a great day with hubby and son and enjoyed some awesome slow cooked chicken from an award winning BBQ team- “Burnt Offerings”.I have napped in the sun with the doggies and feel renewed. Now I am off to write up some recipes to share with a few of you for tomorrows Super Bowl. Make it a great one, ya’ll.

By the way...this was blasting at the DJ stand as we made our appearance at check in. Timing is a funny thing as everyone was staring at our "funny shoes" haha! It made me proud....

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