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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food Nazi or Nurturing Mother...?

The youngest of my Primitive tribe, also known as Rock Monkey, is home sick today. Sore throat, high fever,nausea,body aches and chills. So, Primitive Diva has temporarily become Primitive Nurse!

Why is it that I found myself lovingly asking my 10 year old Rock Monkey...."Baby, what can I get you that would make you feel better?" Maybe, I was only asking the question out loud, so that I could begin the mental list of what his body needed. My brain dialogue: Lets see....he needs lots of Vitamin C rich foods,Homemade Chicken Broth,A Green Smoothie packed with a banana,spinach,kale and a little dandelion-that would be sooooo soothing on a sore throat- oh and throw in some fresh berries. Finally, Coconut water, yes-its great to replenish fluids. So while this is all running through my mind,he replies (In a sad little squeak of a voice):"I want Ginger Ale, Saltine Crackers and Crayola Popsicles!" He claimed, that its "what they eat on TV when they are sick"- He saw it on Disney Channel. Ummmm okay, let me see about this- I am going to feed my sick immune compromised child several doses of High Fructose Corn Syrup (weakens the immune response by 50%),bleached chemical laden anti-nutrient dense crackers and a side of 5-6 various petroleum based food dyes! Yikes,is NOW the time to be the Food Nazi or the Nuturing Mother?

Obviously, I was not going to argue with my sickly offspring. I just headed off to the supermarket while a war raged between my knowledge/logic and my heart strings. I continued to see the vision of my teary eyed, squeaky, rosey cheeked little man-that I adore- telling me what he REALLY wanted.

So, my hunting and gathering began. As I strolled the cart through the aisles, I thought--what would our primitive ancestors have doen to help their sick children? I am certain that although they lead a far more treacherous existence, they did not have to battle their childrens strong wills because of the media (Disney Channel)promoting Frankenfoods. **Side note: Lets start a REAL FOOD product placement campaign with the creative forces in the media and entertainment world-hmmm? It could work! But,more about that at a later date. Understand, I am not the type of parent who says, "because I said so-thats why!" I encourage, educate and empower them to make good choices. Is there not a pleasant median to follow here when dealing with a sick child who is tugging at your heart?

$94 later (okay, yes- I bought a few extra items, ugh!)I delivered a bed tray with POM juice, Sparkling Mineral Water (for diluting the juice and giving it the soda fizz), Organic Fruit ONLY Sorbet,Ruby Red Lemonade Emergen-C w/Zinc packets (making popsicles with them), Organic Free Range Chicken Broth (primitive cold/flu remedy!) and .....Organic Cheddar Bunnies Crackers for the soup! I know, I am a "Cereal Killer" but I chose my battles well today. I will close my short and personal blog with a reminder. Don't beat yourself up over every little nutrient that goes into your families mouth, okay? Sometimes we HAVE to be the Nurturer, relax the rules a bit--As long as you are not following medical advice from the Disney Channel, haha! Now, off to the kitchen to make some snake leather in the dehydrator (wink! shhhh....its simply the green smoothie I wanted him to have earlier, just poured into the shape of a snake and dried)

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