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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Essential Oils for Essential Health- The Timeless Apothecary!

Hey Diva's! I survived the night with Rock Monkey and his FLU virus "issues". Its a new day and a new dawn (love that song by the way)His fever has subsided and is steady at 99.1. His little body is still fighting the little germies a bit. However,the world has blessed me mentally and physically with a beautiful dry sunny January day in South Texas. I have thrown all the blinds and windows open so a fesh clean breeze is blowing through the house, ahhhhhh!

Now that I have my morning primitive nursing duties out of the way and my patient is resting comfortably. Snuggled up with the assistant care givers(our 3 pooches) and watching a DVD...(NOT the disney channel,I might add- haha!)I am beginning my workout of the day....47 trips up and down the stairs, temp taking, laundry (YUCK), liquid electrolyte provision and DISINFECTING the house. I am sure you are wondering what does a Primitive Diva use in her Primitive Casa, that is natural, effective and beneficial at killing a germ/virus/bacteria invasion? That would be the ancient and naturally derived oils known as "Essential Oils". With so many TOXIC chemicals on the market, strong enough to blast, kaboom and dissolve dirt from our lives. You can only imagine what these do to our health. Studies have already proven that inhaling just one of these dangerous chemical laden products can cause cancer,disrupt our endocrine system (hormones) and cause severe respiratory damage. Ummm...No Thank You,I will just take the Flu virus for a few days!

Essential oils have been carefully derived from nature- they are concentrated essences of various flowers, fruits, herbs and plants that have been used since primitive times. However, in modern times we have forgotten the power of these ancient medicines of the earth, preferring instead to use the products of perfume and chemical companies which imitate the natural fragrances, medicinal and cleansing properties of the oils.Because of the sweet and pleasant smells of the oils, many people wrongly assume that their value is of charm and fragrance only.But, this a mistake. Scientific research has proven the potency of the oils many benefits. These substances are very complex in their molecular structure, and very powerful. The essential oil of Oregano, for example, is twenty six times more powerful than Phenol-which is the active ingredient in most cleansers.

Unlike chemicals, essential oils do not remain in the body. They leave no toxins behind. And essential oils make more practical sense than a commercially manufactured air freshener, as they actually cleanse the air by altering the structure of molecules, rathering than masking the unwanted smells.When we are looking for alternatives to lethal toxic products in our lives, essential oils are a convenient, practical and PRIMITIVE solution!

I keep a small herbal apothecary box in my bathroom. This keeps the oils from being damaged by UV and heat. I love my go to box for many uses...beyond cleaning. I use Tea Tree oil on the occasional blemish, I unwind with an aromatherapy of a Lavendar bath, and I even use Eucalyptus in a steam facial when I feel any sinus pressure coming on.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said..."the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and massage daily" . As far back as the Fourth century BC- Hippocrates also knew that burning certain aromatic oils offered substances that that protected the body from many contagious diseases. With todays advantage, of basic scientific evidence of the specific antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties of these oils, we can utilize this power as antiseptics and bactericides. Which means that they have the ability to inhibit growth of bacteria and virus(s).

My favorite recipe for a "Primitive Household Bacteria Buster":

In a clean spray bottle combine the follwing,
2 cups filtered water
1/2 cup distilled vinegar
10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
10 drops of Lavendar oil
10 drops of Clove Oil
10 drops of Lemon Oil
10 drops of Eucalyptus

Once you have the powerful anitbacterial ingredients combined, continually shake as it is being used. I typically spray on carpets, mattress(s), pillows, comforters (no silk) and use a cloth dampened with the spray to wipe down hard surfaces. You will be amazed at the fragrant smell......make sure to store any unused mix in a cool dark area. The fragrance of an oil can last many years but the medicinal strength only has a lifespan of about 2 years. I encourage you to establish a personal Essential Oil apothecary too (like the one I have in my photo). There are many reference books that can teach you the thousands of uses for particular oils. I own several but love Valerie Ann Worwoods book. It has been in my personal library for almost 20 years. I obtain most of my oils and blends from Mountain Rose-they have an extensive collection with even a few that are rare and hard to find. I have linked their site on the right hand of my Blog page. I also have been impressed with the quality of Aura Cacia and they are available in most supermarkets.

I will be sharing many recipes for both home and beauty in my Primitive Diva book.I know you will have fun learning more about these gifts from nature.

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