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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Low fat diet proven dangerous to athletes....

I took a little break from writing to enjoy a cup of tea and my Winter edition of WAPG's Wise Traditons newsletter. I especially wanted to savor an article on yet another dissappointment for USDA sanctioned dieticians and their low fat protocol. With so much research available, along with the obvious failure at our societies attempts to promote a low fat theory for 30+ years, it astounds me that our government(USDA) and Nutrition professionals have not stepped up to embrace the truth....FAT is our FRIEND!

The article headline reads--"Redskins catch on the healthy habits" (Washington Post,September 16, 2010) The article covered Jane Jakubezak, nutritionist for the Washington, DC football team. It profiled how Ms. Jakubezak urged the team, at the beginning of training for 2010, along with veteran running back Clinton Portis to follow a lowfat eating plan. This expert designed program eliminated all butter, cream and fatty foods even shunning Mr. Portis' moms traditional homecooked foods, and instead promoted the intake of lean only cuts of protein, vegetables, low fat /whole grain bread, cereal and egg whites. By Thanksgiving the Redskins had the longest list of injured players in the league. Fourteen in all, including Portis. In contrast, the Philadelphia Eagles, whose trainers recommend a more CAVEMAN (see Primitive, haha) like diet including traditional fermented pickles and juice during practice, have THE lowest injury rate in the league.

So, remember the importance of having adequate healthy animal fats in your diet. For more information on the right and wrong kinds of fats for optimal health, I highly recommend Mary Enig's book....(below) Enjoy getting the skinny on fats!

And of all time favorite short read about the dangers of a low fat diet......

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