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Melissa is a former beauty queen, personal trainer and certified holistic health coach. Melissa founded Queen Bee Wellness to specialize her coaching practice towards Women's Wellness and Beauty. She helps women focus on finding their own natural beauty from a integrative approach of balancing Mind, Body and Soul. Melissa believes that what we put in our mind is just as important as the nourishing food we put in our bodies and products on our skin. She strives to coach women to balance a healthier body image, approach to wellness and authentic living. With her passion for a clean lifestyle, Queen Bee Wellness therapeutic skin care products were born- to help women enhance their natural glow, without causing harm to their health from chemical laden toxic products. Melissa's philosophy to real beauty is summarized in "Wellness is Beauty". Melissa resides on a 10 acre farm in Montgomery, Texas with her husband and teen aged children. In her spare time she is chief goat wrangler and milker of her "Queen Bee" herd of dairy goats at Three Goats Farm.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Embracing the 10 Principles for a Primitive DIVA Lifestyle…….

1) Hunt and Gather ~(at your local farmers market, girls!) quality sources of pastured, grass fed or wild caught protein (all forms of meat, fowl, fish), lots of colorful organic vegetables, some select fruits (mostly berries), and healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil). Eliminate grains, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, sugars, trans- and hydrogenated fats, Starbucks and “Franken-Foods” from your diet.

2) SUN~ Vitamin D - Contrary to the scare tactics of the media and sunscreen manufacturers (who suggest you shun the sun), the Primitive philosophy would suggest that you get some direct sunlight every day. Certainly not so much that you come close to burning, but definitely enough to prompt your body to make the all-important vitamin D and to support the mood-lifting benefits. A slight tan is a good indicator that you have maintained adequate Vitamin D levels. Natural sunlight also has a powerful HAPPINESS effect.

3) PLAY~ Throw off those high heels and go barefoot! Spend some time out doors in the fresh air each week involved in active play. In addition to efficiently combining your fitness to a real-life situation, play helps dissolve some of the negative effects of the chronic stress hormones you’ve been creating in your ever hectic and crazy, stress filled life. Do some form of intense anaerobic sprint bursts several times a week (playing chase with your kiddo’s or the dog). This could be as simple as a few short sprints up a hill, on the grass, at the beach… or repeated intense sessions on a bicycle (stationary, road or mountain bike). These short bursts also increase HGH release (HGH is actually released in proportion to the intensity (not the duration) of the exercise).

4) SLEEP~ Ahhhhh.....nothing is more important to a girl than ”beauty sleep”! Our lives are so hectic and full of things to do after the sun goes down that it’s often difficult to get enough sleep. Yet sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health, vibrant energy, a strong immune system and balanced hormones.

5) WATER~ Pure fresh hydration. Staying hydrated is THE basic principle for all of the bodies metabolic processes. It keeps our energy and metabolism humming, cleanses waste from our cells and keeps our skin plump and wrinkle free!

6) SLOW DOWN~ Take a walk, clear your mind, practice YOGA or Tai Chi, and meditate. Take time daily to quieten your mind and listen to your soul. Stress can wreak havoc on all of your attempts at living a healthy and primitive life- Let IT Go!

7) Strong BODY ~Build physical strength with functional fitness. Resistance exercises will keep your bones strong and your metabolism fired up. Did our primitive ancestors have gym memberships? They hunted, gathered, foraged, wandered, scouted, migrated, climbed and crawled. The women carried their babies much of the time (hey, no nannies in those days), as well as bundles of firewood, or whatever they had gathered. Remember “Lift like a man BUT look like a GODDESS” So throw off those Nikes, find something heavy to lift and Just do it!

8) Strong MIND~ Build mental strength. Keep your mind healthy, strong and sharp. Put your tiara’s away on the shelf and grab some interesting books. Expand your knowledge of anything you can dream. It’s VERY empowering!

9) Naked Beauty~ Beauty starts from the inside out with healthy living. However, we must keep the same primitive philosophy on pure, chemical free, natural and indigenous ingredients when it comes to skincare. Read the label-would you eat it? If not, don’t put it on your skin!

10) HEAL The EARTH~ Give back to the earth...Recycle, Compost and Reuse. Remember, if our ancestors had trashed the world before us-we would not be reading this book. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~Native American Proverb

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