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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where did we go wrong....?

As a society, especially in the past 50 years, we have focused somewhat in a blind fashion on FUTURE growth, change and exponential progress of our world. I often reflect at the vast number of changes in technology that I have personally experienced in my own mere 45 years. The advent of the Microwave Oven, the VCR/DVD player and Video Game Systems, Computers, Internet, Cell Phones…… we have sped our lives up and expect instant gratification at a faster and faster pace, year after year. We are racing ahead to solve all of the worlds’ problems without once looking back and contemplating the foundational wisdom of those before us. Combine this pace of technology with our food supply and we have leapt forward in the corporate agenda led -food sciences industry . We now have bigger breasted chickens, the “perfect” pork chop, insecticide resistant soybean seeds, fluffier loaves of bread, and even genetically modified tomatoes that will not go bad on the extended trip across the globe to the supermarket shelf. We have flavor enhancers that cause brain lesions, Food dyes that are directly related to neuro transmitter disturbance, Sweeteners that alter our brain chemistry and hormones. If that’s not enough in super progressive scientific developments , we have NEW fats/oils that come with a risk of gas, bloody stools, nausea and the inability to control bowel movements(scary). We can buy magic bullets (supplements) that make outrageous claims for curing the incurable without changing our eating or physical activity. Currently,doctors prescribe more medications that offer serious lethal side effects than provide actual treatment. Lastly, we have skin care products that contain petro-chemicals that are also found in anti-freeze. Seriously, who could possibly think this is okay?

And yet with all of these advancements and at no other time in the history of the world, have we ever been more concerned about the subject of diet and nutrition. If we accept the premise that-- what we eat determines our health--, then we must add the current (statistically evidenced) observation of how poorly we eat in this country alone must result in how poorly we feel.

Although heart disease and cancer were rare at the turn of the century, today these two diseases strike with increasing frequency, in spite of the billions of dollars spent on research, prevention and methods to combat them through amazing advances in diagnostics and surgical procedures. In America, one person in three dies of cancer, one in three suffers from allergies, one in ten will have ulcers and one out of five pregnancies will result in mis-carriage. One quarter of a million babies are born with birth defects each year. Other degenerative diseases—arthritis, multiple sclerosis, digestive disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, alzheimers, epilepsy and chronic fatigue—afflict a significant majority of our country. This is draining the energy and very lifeblood from our nation. Learning disabilities such as dyslexia and hyperactivity afflict several million young people. These diseases and disabilities were extremely rare only a few generations ago. Today, chronic illness afflicts nearly half of all Americans and causes three out of four deaths annually. Most tragically, these diseases that were only experienced in the aging population are now striking our children—younger and younger each year.

Americans spend one dollar out of every fourteen for medical services, or over $800 billion yearly---more than the national deficit, the food bill and the profits for of all US corporations combined—yet we have little resources to show for this drain on our economy. Medical science has not been able to lengthen our life span. Fewer persons alive at 70 today survive until 90 than forty years ago. Even with our improved sanitation and the reduction in infant mortality. Clearly something has gone very wrong, even though many Americans have been concientous about following their doctors and government agencies (American Heart Associations) advice on their dietary intake and exercise guidelines. Many have stopped smoking and increased their consumption of vegetables and fruits, reduced consumption of red meat and salt. But none of these measures have made a dent in the ever-increasing toll of degenerative disease.

It is our only hope for survival to slow down and revisit the legacy of our ancestors just a few generations ago. A more PRIMITIVE way of living, away for the chemistry experiment that we have conducted on our nations and families health all in the name of progress.

The REAL Cost of Convenience…..?

Most of what we take for granted in our comfortable lives is NOT what nature intended. However, in the name of protecting and saving our most promoted precious commodity(s) of time and money—we have spent our most fragile/invaluable commodity…. our health.

This year alone this country will spend more on fast food than higher education—Not to mention the increased money required for the resulting expense of healthcare, pharmaceutical and disease process. If we tabulate the actual cost to life and culture (food borne disease, near global obesity and its related disabilities, animal abuse in the many CAFO’s and out of control political corruption) We soon realize the health of this country is founded on the premise and promise of cheap lab created franken-foods and with a proper perspective---even the richest of us all cannot afford the $1.99 value meal.

Put profit ahead of health is the steadfast corporate mantra! Independent producers (local farmers) of REAL food (i.e. grass fed beef, free range chickens/eggs, fresh raw milk/butter/cream and local chemical free produce—have the lowest profit margin in the industry. The junk food manufacturers and creators of “franken-foods” have the highest profit margins---create cheap, sell high.The bottom line is..... it is a great return on their investment!

Don’t give up hope! There are so many seeds of social change being sprouted by way of several mind expanding movies,books (like Primitive Diva, wink!) shocking investigative journalism and extreme social movements------ that are laying a foundation for awareness of the consumer.

You have a vote against this practice- do you know what it is…? Your buying dollar!

So become a bit more primitive and get back to the past and don’t be afraid to try something old!

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